Statement & Resources on Sinophobia and Anti-Asian Racism


The long-standing issue of Sinophobia and anti-Asian hate in the West, borne out of colonialism and later amplified in what seems to be a new Cold War, was significantly worsened in the wake of the global health crisis of Covid-19. This has brought all of us to a very dangerous point in contemporary history. We are currently witnessing a surge in hate crimes against not only Chinese people, but also East and Southeast Asians both here in the UK and globally (e.g. Atlanta Shooting, Chinese lecturer under racist attack in Southampton, Asians in the UK reflect on a year of hatred, etc.). 

We are angered and frightened by the inaction of the British state over the attacks on East and Southeast Asian people; we are equally outraged that discrimination against East and Southeast Asian communities has always been under reported by the mainstream media; and we are disheartened that the general public remains unaware of or even indifferent about the racist attacks experienced by Asians both within and beyond UK.

We unequivocally condemn all racist incidents around the globe. We condemn anyone who utters or justifies racist abuse. We cannot allow such historical and systemic racism to continue unchallenged, which is and has been motivated and rationalised by white supremacy.

We strongly support calls for the UK government to act immediately and decisively, to re-examine the continuing anti-Asian history in this country, and to provide efficient support for victims of Covid-19-motivated racism, as well as for anti-racist community organisations across the UK.

Resources / Links

Sign the petitions

UK groups

  • Southeast and East Asian Centre – SEEAC


Project seeking to expand abolitionist practice and thinking in E/SE Asian diaspora in UK from @daikonzine & #RemembertheEssex39

Resources against hate crime without policing

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