Reading Group

The LSFRC monthly Reading Group offers selected SF texts ranging from short stories, novels, essays, articles and film screenings. These are guided by the annual theme with each month taking a different perspective and navigating the many ways we story-tell these ideas.

  • Informal discussions about the month’s selected SF texts (short stories, novels, articles, essays, films)
  • Read the text(s) ahead of the session if you’re able to, or join in without to get a flavour first
  • No prior experience or knowledge required – welcome to all
  • Online via Zoom, usually 7-8:30pm UK time
  • Video link delivered by our newsletter and Facebook group nearer or on the meeting date

This year, our theme is In & Out of Time – examining what it means to be in and out of the many definitions and experiences of time – and the following posts share more details about the Reading Group events.

Hi folks – a quick update regarding the return of the reading group. We of the LSFRC directorate have been talking about how we can make the group a viable and sustainable thing for us to do, and the upshot is that (for now) we’re treating it as an exercise in (a) sharing stuff that’s important in our thinking and/or (b) looking at things we’re keen to make time for. The overarching thematic framing will be a thing we look to as and when it fits, but we’re not going to force it, especially as we have the conference to make space for such discussions. We thank you for your patience with us and hope to see you there!