LSFRC Work in Progress 2 (Zoom Edition)

On the 11th April we’ll be holding our second Work in Progress event! The idea behind these sessions is to provide a space where people can share their work without the pressure of a particular format, theme or set of expectations (in contrast, say, to a formal conference).

The hope is to give people an opportunity to present what they’ve been working on and seek feedback and advice from our community, so even if you’re not planning to present please do attend for all or part of the day to offer your expertise!

We’re hoping to run the event throughout the day, giving people plenty of chance to present while holding regular breaks for people to chat and socialise. During the event, we’re also hopping to hold a 30 minute workshop/open forum where we can share our experiences and the issues we’ve faced working in isolation and offer mutual support/advice. As usual, you’re welcome to drop in and out throughout the day.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, this event is being moved online to Zoom. You can find our room at:

Once the event has started, you can join us via the zoom link above, and you’ll be given the option of either downloading/launching the zoom desktop client or joining via your web-browser (either option is fine!). Zoom also has an android and iOS app if that’s easier for you. You can find out more details about how to join a meeting here: and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


Work in Progress #2 – Zoom edition

11:00-11:30 – Ahmed Honeini – “Long Live the New Flesh?”: Bodily Autonomy and Technological Domination in Cronenberg’s Videodrome

11:30-12:00 – Rachel Hill – Terraforming Fragments

12:00-12:30 – Iain Emsley – Mediating the Bite: Bringing Discourse Networks into being in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

12:30-13:30 – LUNCH

13:30-14:00 – Ralph Dorey – Twyre is pain of the Steppe: death, dying, and the player as writer in Pathologic

14:00-14:30 – Josie Taylor – Gatherings of the Dead: Encountering Road Kill

14:30-14:45 – BREAK

14:45-15:15 – Eliza Rose – My Grandmother was a Computer: Maternal Simulations in Czech Film

15:15-15:45 – Linda Stupart – After the Ice, the Deluge

15:45-16:00 – BREAK

16:00-17:00 – Glyn Morgan – A Bunch of Stuff I Did and Learned in the First Ten Years of Being an Academic

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