LSFRC Work in Progress 3 Announcement

Image by Kemi Neko

Hello everyone! We can now announce that our next Work In Progress session will be completely virtual and will be held on 28th November from around 11am-5pm – times may vary slightly as we put together the schedule.

The aim of these sessions is to provide a space where people can share their work, and seek feedback from the community, without the pressure of a particular format, theme or set of expectations (in contrast, say, to a formal conference). Contributions can include presentations of academic work and research, or creative projects outside of academia.

We’re also happy to host any kind of workshop or activity you’d like to trial, or a game you want to playtest, or some creative material you want feedback on. This is an open event without a fixed structure or format, but if you are planning on giving a spoken or conference style presentation please keep these to ten minutes to leave plenty of time for questions, discussion and feedback. If you could also bring talking points or questions you’d like to discuss that would be very helpful! International participants are very welcome but should note that we will be running on UK time.

If you would like to present something at Work in Progress #3, email us ( a brief overview (we do not require formal proposals) of what you’d like to do by the end of the day 21st November, accompanied by a title if you have one. Exact time slots will vary depending on how many contributors we have, but we hope to offer each contributor between 30 minutes in total (10 mins for presentation etc. and 20 mins for question and discussion).

Deadline for submissions is November 21st.

In love and solidarity,

the LSFRC team 

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