Productive Futures Conference Schedule

Image from Charles Howard Hinton’s “The Fourth Dimension” (1904).

We are excited to be able to share the schedule for our “Productive Futures” conference with you. To see the current version of the conference schedule, please click here. For a more accessible version of the schedule, click here. Registration for the conference remains open to all, and we encourage you to spread the word.

2 responses to “Productive Futures Conference Schedule”

  1. Mukesh Bhatt Avatar
    Mukesh Bhatt

    Is there a version that has larger fonts and neutral colours – or that can be opened in another application that allows these changes?
    I hav epartial sight, and even with the magnification tools at my disposal the current PDF of the schedule is very, very diifficult to read. Font size too small, colours insufficient contrast, restricted to using adobe softawre which does not allow reading/text-to-speech etc…

    1. admin Avatar

      Dear Mukesh,

      Thank you for your query and apologies that we have not yet produced an accessible version of our programme. We’re currently working on a text adjustable version and will send it over to you within the next day or so.

      Best wishes,


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