Productive Futures Event Information

With the “Productive Futures” conference nearly upon us, we have created this post as a way to track event information not included in the conference programme booklet.

Building and Room Details:

Please note that the building address is 43 Gordon Square.

N.B. That rooms B03, B04 and B06 are all in the basement of the building, and can be reached by stairs or elevator. The Keynes Library is on the first floor of the building.

The “Provocations Beyond Fiction” plenary session at the end of Friday 13th will take place in B04.

N.B. Contrary to what the programme booklet states:
– Panel 1A will be taking place in B04, with Panel 1B taking place in B03.
– Panel 4A will be taking place in the Keynes Library, with Panel 4C taking place in B03.

Internet in the Building:
Eduroam is available in the building. If you have Eduroam access, we request that you make use of it rather than the guest Wi-Fi.
We also have guest Wi-Fi available. The network’s name is BBK-Guest, and you can login with the username productivef and password lsfrc19. We have been granted a total of 100 discrete logins for the duration of the event, hence our request that delegates make use of Eduroam when possible.

After Hours:
As mentioned in the programme, many of us will be heading to the Science Museum at the end of Thursday’s schedule at 1 pm. For more information about the events taking place there, click here. You will need to register on that page if you wish to attend. With that said, don’t worry if you aren’t CHASE-affiliated (or a student, or UK-based), the event will be open to all.

At the end of Friday’s schedule at 6 pm, some of us will be going for informal drinks and food on Charlotte Street (6-7 mins walk away), most likely drinking at The Fitzroy Tavern and eating at ICCO Pizza.

At the end of Saturday’s schedule at 6 pm, we will be going to nearby The Crown and Anchor pub for drinks, followed by dinner (each diner pays for themselves, but there will be complimentary wine) at Chutney’s restaurant on Drummond Street. If you would like to attend the dinner, do send us an email or inform one of the conference organisers.

Panel chairs:
1A – Stewart Hotston

2A – Carolyn Lau
2B – Avery Delany
2C – Glyn Morgan
3A – Sasha Myerson
3B – Anna McFarlane
3C – Harry Warwick
4B – Miranda Iossiffidis
4C – Ibtisam Ahmed

5A – Dan Hassler-Forest
5B – Jasmine Sharma
5C – Lisa Meinecke
6A – Yen Ooi
6B – Eleanor Drage
6C – BE Allatt
7A – Sinéad Murphy
7B – Sean O’Brien
7C – Natalia Tobin

Absent speakers:
Malcolm Edwards (SF Publishing, Panel 4A)
Matthew Drage (Designing the Future: Cybernetics and Planned Economies, Panel 5A. 5A becomes a two paper session)
Thomas Connolly (Technofutures Past and Present, Panel 5C. 5C becomes a two paper session)
Robert Kiely (After Growth, Panel 6B. Sean O’Brien will present “Science Friction” solo)

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