The Strange Ecologies of Science Fiction Film

Illustration of Nudibranchs by Kumataro Ito (ca. 1908).

As part of the CHASE-funded “Organic Systems: Science Fiction and Ecology Today” workshop series, LSFRC directors Katie Stone and Francis Gene-Rowe participated in a panel called “SF and Ecology on Screen.” The panel, which took place on May 23rd, was recorded and has since been uploaded as a podcast and can be found here. The first 30 minutes of the recording consist of an excellent talk given by Professor Sean Cubitt of Goldsmiths, after which Katie and Francis presented a dialogue/paper entitled “The Strange Ecologies of Science Fiction Film.” The slides which accompanied their section of the panel can be found here. The remaining sessions of the “Organic Systems” programme are set to take place on Thursday 4th July (in Birkbeck) and Thursday 12th September (in the Science Museum). LSFRC’s own “Productive Futures” conference will be scheduled in such a way as to allow delegates to attend the afternoon sessions on the 12th.

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