Anti-Racism Statement & Resources

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We are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and the struggle for Black Liberation in the United States, the United Kingdom and the wider world. We recognise that ongoing police brutality, including the death of George Floyd, is not an aberration, caused by a few ‘bad apples’, but the norm. This brutality is a manifestation of centuries of institutional racism at every level of US society and history. As a result, we support those who call for prison abolition, the end of policing, and substantive, redistributive justice. We support the community organisations and activists in the US who are, through a range of tactics and methods, currently opposing the fascists in the police force and the White House. We firmly reject the hypocrisy of those who value private property above human life and who demonise those who resist and protest.

Furthermore, we also recognise the unrepentant racist and colonial legacy of the UK, which has for centuries exported imperialism and racism across the world. We acknowledge that police brutality and institutional racism is very much present in this country. We also wish to call attention to the ongoing complicity of academia within this legacy and its role in maintaining the epistemological structures of colonial domination. As LSFRC, we remain committed to the decolonisation of science fiction and the support of Black writers and artists. However, we also recognise that we have a duty to listen to others and to continue to improve our approach and practice, and we both welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions as to how we can support and strengthen our commitment to combating racism.

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Resources: Education, History, Analysis
Anti-Police Resources (mpd150)
In Defense of Looting (Vicky Osterweil)
No More Money for the Police (Philip V. McHarris & Thenjiwe McHarris)
Towards the Horizon of Abolition: A Conversation with Mariame Kaba (John Duda)
Are Prisons Obsolete? (Angela Y. Davis)
Prison Island: Prison Expansion in England, Wales and Scotland (Corporate Watch)
There isn’t ONE alternative – Twitter thread on replacing prisons (Micah Herskind)
The Great Unlearn (Rachel Cargle)
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – link to author suggestions of donations to make (Reni Eddo-Lodge)
Police Abolition: An Interview with Mariame Kaba (Call Your Girlfriend Podcast)
Starlight Tours – study of police violence toward indigenous communities [CW: descriptions of death, racism and police brutality] (This is Criminal Podcast)
Questions I Ask Myself As A White Person When Posting About Racism to Social Media (Caroline Pritchard)
Anti-racism resources for white people (compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker & Alyssa Klein)
How to be a True Ally (Obioma Ugoala)
Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex (Indigenous Action)
Whiteness 101: A Reading List to Abolish the Problem (Sean Guynes)

Resources: Self-Care, Support, Activism
Grief is a direct impact of racism: Eight ways to support yourself (Roberta K. Timothy)
Radical Self-Care Playlist (Afropunk)
How black Americans can practice self-care during these trying times. And how everyone else can help them. (Elizabeth Wellington)
Caring for Each Other During Covid – A Resource for Communities Responding to Harm (Sisters Uncut)
Activist Trauma Support Downloads
Trauma and Emotional Support (Green & Black Cross)
What to do if you can’t protest on the streets for Black Lives Matter (gal-dem)

Resources: Fundraisers & Donations
115 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Black Trans Lives Matter

Resources: SF & Other Fictions
Vector Solidarity Statement & Resources
Robots of Brixton (Kibwe Tavares)
Octavia’s Brood
Blindspotting (Daveed Diggs)
Black Book Shops/Publishers/Outlets (UK Black Writers Forum)

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