Call for Directors

Redux: The Journey, by David Alabo

The LSFRC (London Science Fiction Research Community) is recruiting new directors for its 2020-2021 cycle, with a view to starting in early October. Directors are expected to join the team for a minimum of one year, and are more than welcome to stay on for longer.

We are a non-hierarchical organisation, meaning that labour is shared equitably. We are flexible and can accommodate both structured and less structured approaches to work depending on your needs. We strive to maintain a caring community, and no one is encumbered with more tasks than they can manage. The LSFRC directorate is a supportive team which operates through consensus and mutual respect, and we look forward to recruiting new directors who share this ethos. In our ongoing attempts to grow and improve, we are always open to fresh ideas and new inputs.

Please note that we are a non-profit organisation run by passionate SF fans, so this is an unpaid role (LSFRC directors do not draw a salary). You will of course not be expected to put any of your own funds into the organisation.

Directors are expected to maintain regular email correspondence and attend video meetings (approximately once every 4-6 weeks, although it can vary depending on the density of upcoming activities). We may return to in-person meetings once this becomes safe and feasible.

Other directorial duties include:

  • Helping to shape the theme and programming for 2020-2021. For its new cycle the LSFRC will focus on the theme of activism and resistance in SF but we are still developing our framing for this theme: as a director you would be part of this process.
  • Attending our monthly reading group and other events – such as work in progress events, guest talks and lectures, etc. (approximately 2-4 a year).
  • Helping with conference organising (held annually around September).
  • Helping to run the LSFRC email account and website.
  • Helping to run LSFRC’s social media presence (optional, and there is no requirement for you to use social media).
  • Depending on your skills and interests other potential duties can include: helping to run LSFRC’s finances, writing short blog posts, collaborating with external organisations, etc.

Literacy in English is essential. UK-based (particularly within travel distance of London) is preferable but not essential.

If interested, please email us ( with a short, informal summary of who you are, the nature of your relationship with SF and why you are interested in joining the team. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. The deadline for registering your interest is 27th September.

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