LSFRC is a research community, a place for people to share research ideas, explore new texts and perspectives on Science Fiction in a friendly and welcoming environment, regardless of background, institutional affiliation or educational status.

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We actively support and encourage diversity in Science Fiction studies and fandom, not only in the range of approaches to the genre (including looking at the genre through the lenses of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability etc), but also in our commitment to providing a welcoming space for the intellectual engagement with Science Fiction for people of all backgrounds and experience. 

Our Activities

Monthly Reading Group

Regular sessions bringing the community together

  • Informal discussions about the month’s selected SF texts (short stories, novels, articles, essays, films)
  • No prior experience or knowledge required – welcome to all
  • Online via Zoom, usually 7-8:30pm UK time
  • Video link delivered by our newsletter and Facebook group


Sharing new perspectives in SF through participatory activities throughout the year

  • Events beyond our Monthly Reading Group and Annual Conference offer activities to think more expansively about the annual theme and dive deeper into its subtopics
  • Interdisciplinary and in multiple formats, we organise workshops and work-in-progress seminars for researchers, creatives and more

Annual Conference

A celebration of global and intersectional SF responding to our annual theme

  • Culminating our year’s projects and collaborations, the LSFRC Annual Conference is a 2-day virtual, global event that demonstrates the plurality of critical and inspiring work being shaped with SF for more just futures. With contributions from fans, scholars, activist organisers, artists and more through:
    • Keynote speakers
    • Panel presentations
    • Workshops
    • Performances / screenings


  • August 2023 Reading Group – Re-Trace / Re-Wire

    Dinesh Valke, Tunnel Sheet Spider’s Web (2012) Join our co-directors Cristina Diamant and Francis Gene-Rowe for the August 2023 reading group, taking place Monday 28 August, at 19:00 (London time) […]

  • 20 July 2023 Reading Group – Smart Cities in/as Science Fiction

    Join us for our next installment on Thursday, 20 July 2023, from 19:00 (London time) for a session moderated by our co-directors Yen Ooi and Kim Clarke. Contact us for […]

  • In & Out of Time: Framing the 2022-2023 LSFRC Theme & November Reading Group Announcement

    In her unfinished manuscript of Parable of the Trickster, the final in the Parable series, Octavia Butler wrote: “There’s nothing new under the sun but there are new suns.” Whether […]

  • 2022 Directors Recruitment

    The LSFRC (London Science Fiction Research Community) is recruiting new directors for its 2022-2023 cycle, with a view to starting mid-November. Directors are expected to join the team for a […]

  • SF + Extraction: Keynote Cancelled, Screening Replacement

    It is our regret to announce that Kathryn Yusoff’s keynote has had to be cancelled for health reasons. We wish Kathryn the absolute best and hope that she recovers soon, […]

  • SF + Extraction Conference Documents

    This post will be updated with new document links as and when we have them. Conference Programme Booklet (designed by Angela YT Chan) Conference Schedule Conference Abstracts Document Additionally, for […]

  • SF & Extraction Conference Registration + Draft Schedule

    Registration for our SF & Extraction conference is now live! You can find the event page here. Please note that you do not need to ‘prove’ eligibility for whichever ticket type your purchase. […]

  • Pinned Post

    This year’s LSFRC theme for our monthly reading group and annual conference is SF & Extraction. For more information about the theme and our events, visit the SF & Extraction […]

  • Reading Group Bibliography: Smart Cities in/as Science Fiction

    With many thanks to Zoë Mantas for assistance provided in compiling references from the July 2023 LSFRC reading group session. Ornament and Crime by Adolf Loos (1913) Trouble on Triton: […]

  • 7 June 2023 Reading Group – Crip Time as/and Time Travel

    7 June 2023 Reading Group – Crip Time as/and Time Travel

    For the June installment of the LSFRC reading group moderated by our co-director Cristina Diamant, we will be looking at the following short texts: – Decomp: Field Notes (preface)– Charlie […]

  • 12 December 2022 Reading Group

    For our December installment, we will be screening the following films:FUTURESTATES: PROMISED LAND (2014, dir. by Joe Turner Lin & Justin Marshall)ROBOTS OF BRIXTON (2011, dir. by Kibwe Tavares)LA JETÉE […]