20 July 2023 Reading Group – Smart Cities in/as Science Fiction

Join us for our next installment on Thursday, 20 July 2023, from 19:00 (London time) for a session moderated by our co-directors Yen Ooi and Kim Clarke.

Contact us for a Zoom link, as well as if you need any assistance.

We will be exploring the following:

Reading list: 

  • Jathan Sadowski, Too Smart: How Digital Capitalism is Extracting Data, Controlling our Lives, and Taking Over our World (Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2020

To access the book online: https://dokumen.pub/too-smart-how-digital-capitalism-is-extracting-data-controlling-our-lives-and-taking-over-the-world-026253858x-9780262538589-e-1902200.html 

‘Ten Theses on Digital Capitalism’ p. 49 – 72 (page 60 in the ebook)

Mark Graham et al., ‘How to Run a City Like Amazon’, paragraphs 1- 12

Rob Kitchin, ‘You’re Entitled to What the Data Says You Deserve’, paragraphs 13 – 100

Alison Powell, ‘Registering Eve’, paragraphs 475 – 503

Pip Thornton, ‘Subprime Language and the Crash’, paragraphs 504 – 528

‘IRL’ Case Study:

Neom [NEOM | What is THE LINE? – YouTube]

National Geographic, education: Smart Cities [https://education.nationalgeographic.org/resource/smart-cities/

Almere Oosterwold, Netherlands–a Dutch utopia in the making

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