7 June 2023 Reading Group – Crip Time as/and Time Travel

Image: a visualisation of the 18th century, Elizabeth Peabody (reproduced in her Chronological History of the United States, 1856).

For the June installment of the LSFRC reading group moderated by our co-director Cristina Diamant, we will be looking at the following short texts:

– Decomp: Field Notes (preface)
– Charlie Jane Anders, “The Fermi Paradox is Our Business Model” (2010) from Six Months, Three Days, Five Others
– From Amber Sparks, The Unfinished World: “Thirteen Ways of Destroying a Painting”, “Birds with Teeth”, “The Men and Women Like Him”

Bonus Material:
– From The Unfinished World: “Things You Should Know About Cassandra Dee”, “The Fever Librarian”
– Crips Claim Space: Disabled Writers Resist Eugenicist Ideology Through Science Fiction
– Crip Times: Episode 8
– Cripping Time – Understanding the Life Course through the Lens of Ableism

Links to texts:
– https://chbooks.com/…/9781552452820_Decomp_excerpt.pdf
– https://www.tor.com/…/the-fermi-paradox-is-our…/
– The Amber Sparks anthology can be located online with some searching. Message Cristina Diamant or another director for help.
– https://sfrareview.org/…/crips-claim-space-disabled…/
– https://open.spotify.com/episode/2b5c7xhZ4XTxWMdwHW1dWw… (or https://bodiesintranslation.ca/crip-times-episode-8-the…/ for a transcript)
– https://sjdr.se/articles/10.16993/sjdr.710

We will meet over Zoom at 19:00 (London time).
Reach out to us for a link!

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