Productive Futures Conference Registration

“Spectra of metalloids”, print by René Henri Digeon; plate III in Le monde physique (1882)

Registration for “Productive Futures: The Political Economy of Science Fiction” is now open. For more information, please visit the ticket tailor page for the event. All are welcome!

LSFRC is an independent, non-institutional organisation that is not run for profit. While we are very grateful to Birkbeck’s Centre for Contemporary Literature for their generous support of Productive Futures, registration revenue comprises the majority of the conference budget. We want this event to be as accessible as possible, particularly to those among us who are the most disadvantaged by the ongoing cruelties of the current economic systems in which we are forced to live our lives. To this end we are offering free tickets to this event to anyone in financial hardship. We ask those of you who are able to, who are in full time, stable employment, or who have institutional support to contribute towards the cost of the event. Your money will go towards light refreshments, covering the expenses incurred by our design team and paying the travel costs of our invited speakers. It is of central importance to us that those who work outside of academia who have chosen to lend us their time and labour do not go out of pocket. 

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