Reading Group Poll for Beyond Borders

We have now launched a poll for choosing our texts for this year’s theme of ‘Beyond Borders’.

Please fill out the survey if you think you would be interested in attending any of our reading group sessions and events over the year. If you would like some more information about the theme, you can read our overview here.

The list of novels, short stories, and films have been culled from suggestions made to us from twitter, facebook, and emails. We have not included every single suggestion, sticking with texts that are relatively affordable and available, as well as excluding texts that we have done in recent years.

It’s likely that, as with previous years, we will have two sessions focusing on films (with screenings in the Birkbeck Cinema) and one session focusing on a selection of short stories, with the rest being given over to novels.

The voting will close at the end of Friday next week (25th October).

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